“One can say that life is never easy and that trials and tribulations are experienced that render a person to feel hopeless and helpless. Having endured a lot at a young age, I had seen a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists. In that process, it become increasingly difficult and emotionally draining, especially when trying to find the right kind of help when I really needed it. When I first approached Dr. Mills, I was reluctant to go through the similar rounds of therapy sessions that I had done with previous doctors that usually amounted to nothing. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the eclectic approaches Dr. Mills used and how the therapy revolved more around communication than on drugs. In the past, more reliance was made on drugs as a major part of my treatment, and to no avail. Thus, I never attained any sort of progress in therapy. Finding a safe outlet to communicate, I had finally found someone to whom I could disclose my inner emotions and vulnerability. Moreover, I experienced something in my sessions with Dr. Mills that I hadn’t before with previous psychiatrists. It was evident throughout the time in our sessions that he cared with the utmost sincerity that I could have ever received from a doctor. Most importantly, Dr. Mills had this unwavering sense of hope that empowered me. Unlike doctors who had given up on me before, Dr. Mills genuinely believed in me and, in turn, I have come to believe more in myself. It is rare to find doctors like Dr. Mills that really care about their patients and persistently endeavor to work alongside them as they trek through their journey. It has been a pleasure to work with him and he will be missed very much.”

22-year-old Korean-American female ~ Communications graduate student ~ Chicago, IL

“In the spring of 2005, I had recently changed jobs several times and relocated from Indiana to Chicago. I was shuffled through several primary care physicians as a result of switching health insurance plans. My continuum of care had clearly been interrupted and I was beginning to doubt if my treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder would ever resume a positive course. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Mills. Unlike other doctors who doubted the validity of my diagnosis or treated me as a file to be processed, Dr. Mills engaged me as a human being. I never once felt as though our appointments consisted of the usual: “How are you feeling?” “No problems with the medication?“ “See you next month.” He made me feel welcome in his office and welcome to call if I had any problems with prescriptions. I never felt like I had to hide anything from him. We built a rapport over several appointments. He taught me how to build cognitive templates to control my anxiety and was very honest about the beliefs of therapy on my condition. Once I was able to control my anxiety, he recommended that we reduce the frequency of our visits.”

26-year-old white male ~ Urban Planning graduate student ~ Chicago, IL

“Dr. Mills demonstrated all the traits one would expect an excellent therapist to possess. He expressed genuine interest in my situation and worked quickly to build a trusting doctor-patient relationship. Always able to challenge my way of thinking, Dr. Mills led me down new avenues of thought and opened my eyes to healthier ways of dealing with the small interpersonal challenges one meets daily. The skill sets garnered from my time with Dr. Mills have enabled me to start living a happier, more productive life.

25-year-old white male ~ Physics graduate student ~ Chicago, IL

“High expectations of myself and the demands of work made me feel like I had to sacrifice a lot to be successful. Stress and pressure were costing me my health and my relationships (the two most important things in my life). I found myself completely depressed. I was overworking myself and still feeling the anxiety of being inadequate. I found myself hating the career I used to enjoy. I was questioning all the decisions I had made in my life, and the depressed state I was in was no way to address these questions. My logic and judgment were working against me in a way that made me increasingly overwhelmed and confused.

Talking to Dr. Mills helped me sort things out again. Even though I knew the causes for the way I was feeling (somewhat), it was very helpful to talk about them. Together we identified inconsistencies in my thoughts which kept me depressed and how to deal with stresses as they arise. He helped me figure out for myself that I needed more balance in my life. Ever since then I have been practicing taking more time for the things I enjoy. My overall attitude has improved, I feel much more in control, and even more comfortable in social situations without letting work weigh me down. This has even increased my productivity and efficiency at work while even restoring my enthusiasm.

I had to almost fall apart before I accepted the idea of talking to someone about my emotional state. Looking back at how I felt and the progress I made working with Dr. Mills, I wish I would have come at the first sign of these problems. I’d recommend Dr. Mills to anyone who grew up in, lives, goes to school, or works in a demanding, stressful or competitive environment.”

26-year-old white male ~ Physics graduate student ~ Chicago, IL

“When I first started therapy, I was quite nervous. After getting to know Dr. Mills, I became very comfortable, and we developed a great relationship. I found that he was easy to talk to, a great listener, and non-judgmental. I feel that he has really helped me to get focused, and to put my life back in the right direction. After we finished our sessions, I came out feeling more positive, stronger and happy. He has been a great asset to me.”

23-year-old African-American female ~ Undergraduate student ~ Chicago, IL

My time spent in therapy with Dr. Mills has been a very powerful and beneficial experience. The pains from my past have made my life much more difficult. In therapy I was able to work through many of these in a positive and constructive way in an atmosphere where I felt safe and confirmed as a human being. This has allowed me to let go of much of the hurt and anger I have held within me for years and I can live my life more fully and more happily.”

26-year-old white female ~ Physical Therapy graduate student ~ Chicago, IL