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Matthew Mills MD

With warm sincerity, I welcome you to my practice!


If you have decided to seek help, then choosing a therapist with whom you are comfortable is the most important next step. Reliable research and, certainly, my own personal experience have shown that the rapport between therapist and patient is one of the most consistent predictors of successful treatment. I am committed to building rapport with my patients through empathic listening, caring and warmth. Our rapport is significantly strengthened when my patients gain confidence in my abilities to help them.

There are many different methods I, as your therapist, may use to deal with the problems you hope to address. These methods could include various forms of psychotherapy, including (but not limited to) traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy and planned brief psychotherapy.

Other strategies include the use of medication. As a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical Center, I have been well-trained in evidence-based psychopharmacology. For many psychiatric disorders (especially mood and anxiety disorders), current research has shown that the most effective treatment is a combination of psychotherapy and the use of medication. Psychotherapy often increases the effectiveness of medication. Similarly, the use of medication can reduce distressing symptoms to a degree where psychotherapy can be most useful.

Whenever medications are used, the decision will be made collaboratively. I may make recommendations regarding the use of medication; however, if you do not wish to take psychiatric medications, you retain that right without pressure or coercion.

Your mind and body are precious. You deserve to be treated with sincere concern, dignity and respect, always.

I look forward to meeting you!


Matthew R. Mills, MD